Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Whiskey *is* a food group, dammit!

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Well we got the camp set up in record time so I got the rest of the day off. Not much left in it anyway. The racks were annoying as hell to put up right, but hey, better than cooking in the sun, aye? The airport's really pretty, you know, barring the occasional mortar attack. But that's the Ugandans' problem. Not ours. Yep. You read that right. We've been sent to Somalia. Fucking weird, too.I saw some shooter types at the airport, the organized type. What're we doing here? I mean, I can get Chandy doing a favor for someone, but we're not really a peacekeeping sort of group.

And in related news, we finally got a shipment of 7.62 and 9x39. Pricey as hell. I'm wondering who it's for? Chandy's kid prefers that NTW clone, and the rest of the team's using 308. What the hell're we going to do with that shit?

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