Sunday, October 24, 2010


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It's great to get out of the rain every once in a while, but some days I wonder if the boss just likes making us suffer. I mean, Africa? Come on! I mean, i signed the contract, but shit, this is just ridiculous! But hey, if I wanted a "normal" job, I should've stayed home, amirite guys? We're prolly going to only need a few hours to unpack when we get there, but I fig the Africans are going ot get all up in our face and stretch it out further. At least there'll be running water. Can't say I'm going to dig the cuisine, though.

On the brighter side, we got a fresh shipment of parts today. I love that smell of cosmoline that comes iwth the parts. Scrubbing's a bitch, though. Somedays I wonder if we're rooting through old Soviet stock for this stuff. There's shit there that couldn't have seen the light of day for decades. I found stampings dating back to the Korean War and shit like that. Well, it's a history lesson, I guess. Lando caught a stomachful of bolt a few days back, so I'm in charge until the bruising goes away. Yeah. Me and nobody to boss around. I hipe we can get some fresh meat soon in logistical.

Well, caffiene's wearing off and I'm leaving tomorrow. GunneryGrrl be knocking off for the night. Or is it day? I freaking hate working out of home base...

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